Gaile Lai 乐基儿


Gaile Lai (simplified Chinese: 乐基儿; traditional Chinese: 樂基兒; pinyin: Lè Jīér), born Lai Ga Yi (simplified Chinese: 黎嘉仪; traditional Chinese: 黎嘉儀; pinyin: Lí Jiāyí) on August 22, 1980,[2] better known as Gaile Lok, a fashion model, magazine cover girl and actress. She was born in Macau to a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother. Gaile studied in the United States.

Gaile Lok made her film debut starring in the 2000 romantic film, I Do, and subsequently appeared in another film entitled My Sweetie in 2004.[3] When she made her debut, some Hong Kong entertainment informationmagazines had compared her likeness to that of Shu Qi, a Taiwanese actress.[citation needed]

As of 2006, Gaile was dating Leon Lai, a Hong Kong actor and singer. With this relationship, she became a target of paparazzi and the media. In 2006, a magazine published an article and intimate photographs of her with Leon Lai at the latter’s residence, prompting the Hong Kong Actors Guild to protest “irresponsibility” on the part of the magazine.[4]

In 2009, even after Hong Kong singer-actor, Leon Lai’s secret marriage to Gaile Lok in Las Vegas was exposed recently, the Heavenly King refused to provide further insight to the matter. The Hong Kong media obtained a copy of the couple’s wedding certificate two days ago and discovered that Leon’s wedding was in fact, held at the grand and prestigious Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Both his trusty manager and assistant acted as the couple’s witnesses for the joyous event.

Known for her thrifty ways, Gaile has publicly professed that she did not mind having a simple wedding. Despite that, the die-hard romantic Leon went out of his way and decided to hold their ‘big day’ at the luxurious Wynn Hotel. Their ceremony was held in one of the chapel themed Wedding Salons at the Wynn Hotel and was witnessed by his most trusted aides.

Records on the wedding certificate showed that Leon registered his wedding under his March 15, 1967 birth date, a different date from his publicly known December 11, 1966 date. According to sources, the different birth dates were due to a mix-up by Leon’s mother. The marital address written on the certificate is also believed to be the Californian address of Gaile’s home in the US.

On October 3, 2012 the couple had announced the end of their four-year marriage. The couple’s joint statement stated that there were “different philosophies in life” which caused the divorce. Leon Lai’s manager stated that there was not a third party that lead the couple to divorce.

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