Qu Ying

Qu Ying is considered to be the most successful Chinese model during a career transition. Qu was born in Changde City, Hunan Province, and is a fashion model, actress, hostess and singer. She is the spokesperson for many global brands including Pantene and Maybelline. Qu began her modeling career in 1990, and was runner-up in the 1991 New Silk Road Model Look China. Also in that same year, Qu placed second at the 2nd China Super Model Contest, also known as the World Supermodel Contest China Selection.

Qu has appeared in a great number of Chinese films and TV series, including her most famous 20-episode “True Confession” series, with renowned Chinese male model Hu Bing acting as the protagonist. She also played in “Keep Cool” directed by Zhang Yimou, making her popular with Chinese college students.

English name: Joie
Born: Jul. 2, 1971
Height: 175CM
Measurements: 84/62/89CM

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