Zhu Songhua


Zhu Songhua 朱松花 or also known as Yuhua 雨花 became famous online with Netizens wildly spreading her graceful bodied, delicate faced, sweet smiled, fashionably and sexily dressed pictures but most surprised by her identity – Zhu Songhua is an elementary school teacher teaching Chinese language in the First Primary School of Jiangsu Nantong (江苏南通师范第一附属小学).

Zhu Songhua became popular in September of 2010 after appearing in the popular Jiangsu TV show “Happy Late Name” 幸福晚点名. During and after the show, Zhu Songhua immediately garnered much attention. Her pictures were quickly spread online and China Netizens dubbed her as the “China Most Beautiful Female Teacher” and “China Most Sexy Female Teacher”.

With all the media attentions and her past modeling pictures circulating around, it brought tremendous pressure to her. She has experienced great popularity on the Internet but at the same time has also suffered criticism and skepticism. This award winning teacher said, “I’m just an ordinary person who just want to live a normal life, not trying to gain publicity.”

Name: Zhu Songhua 朱松花
Date of Birth: Jan 31, 1980
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg

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