Emi Suzuki

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Emi Suzuki (鈴木 えみ) or better known by her nickname Emichee (えみちぃ), is a popular Japanese fashion model and occasional actress. Born in Shanghai, China, she was originally named Wu Ziliang (吴子良). She emigrated to Kyoto at the age of 12, becoming a naturalized Japanese citizen.

Her career began when she auditioned for the magazine Seventeen at the age of 13. Soon after beginning to appear in the magazine, her popularity rose, and eventually she became a prominent model. While working as a frequent model for Pinky magazine, she has also worked as a model for many other fashion magazines and has modeled for a variety of ads, such as Shiseido, Suntory, Calorie Mate. In November 2007, having earned an estimated total of $29 million in the past 10 months, several medias named her one of the top ten earning models in Japan in 2007. Now, she referred to herself as a semi-retired model, and hinted that she did not wish to pursue an acting career.

Name: Emi Suzuki 鈴木 えみ
Date of Birth: September 13, 1985
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Measurements: 31B 22 31

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