Gan Lulu

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Gan Lulu (干露露) is a model and actress from Beijing, China. Graduated from Central Academy of Drama (中央戏剧学院) in 2008, Lulu has appeared in several movies, dramas and TV advertisements. 26 years old sexy Lulu definitely isn’t camera shy and often artistically photo-shot wearing almost nothing. Recently, a big controversy sparked off in the Internet after Lulu’s desperate mother, who wants to find a boyfriend for her uploaded a video of Lulu walking out of the shower naked. The 80-second footage begins with the mother speaking to the camera and declaring her intention of finding a boyfriend for Lulu.

Name: Gan Lulu (干露露)
Date of Birth: Sept 19, 1985
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Measurements: 35D 24 35

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  1. I am just curious, is Gan Lulu married now? If so who is the man she married? If not what became of the video her mother put out to find her so suitor?

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