Sun Yi Fei 孙艺菲


Sun Yi Fei 孙艺菲 (aka Cynthia Sun Xin Ya 孙心娅) is a pretty and hot Chinese model and actress who is currently based in Beijing, China. Also known as Babydoll, Sun Yi Fei has participated in quite a few modelling competitions and beauty contests. Sun Yi Fei has also appeared in various Chinese TV commercials and music videos.

Sun Yi Fei’s Profile:

Other Name(s): Sun Yifei, Babydoll
Origin: China
Born: 16 January
Height: 170cm
Weight: 44kg
Measurements: 31-24-32
Occupation: model, actress

Sun_Yi_Fei_41 Sun_Yi_Fei_40 Sun_Yi_Fei_39 meeting men and women Sun_Yi_Fei_33 Sun_Yi_Fei_32 Sun_Yi_Fei_31 Sun_Yi_Fei_30 Sun_Yi_Fei_29 Sun_Yi_Fei_28 Sun_Yi_Fei_27 Sun_Yi_Fei_26 Sun_Yi_Fei_25 Sun_Yi_Fei_24 Sun_Yi_Fei_23 Sun_Yi_Fei_22 Sun_Yi_Fei_21 Sun_Yi_Fei_19 Sun_Yi_Fei_18 Sun_Yi_Fei_17 Sun_Yi_Fei_16 Sun_Yi_Fei_15 Sun_Yi_Fei_14 Sun_Yi_Fei_13 Sun_Yi_Fei_12 Sun_Yi_Fei_11 Sun_Yi_Fei_10 Sun_Yi_Fei_9 Sun_Yi_Fei_8 Sun_Yi_Fei_7 Sun_Yi_Fei_6 Sun_Yi_Fei_5 Sun_Yi_Fei_4 Sun_Yi_Fei_3

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