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Leni Lan Yan 藍燕 II


I know it has been a long time since we updated on popular Chinese model Leni Lan Yan 藍燕 There hasn’t been any official release of Leni Lan Yan 藍燕’s new photo shoots, so what we have here are mostly Leni Lan Yan 藍燕’s real-life snapshots and a few commercial shoots Leni Lan Yan 藍燕has done lately. If you’re interested in the model, check them out!

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Zhang Ziyi @ Marie Claire


Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi posed in retro looks during a recent photo shoot for Marie Claire magazine that reminds viewers of her roles in martial arts films.

During an interview, Zhang reflected on her luck as an actor.

“My biggest luck is to have performed in many roles that are here to stay. I may age, and the viewers may age, but those roles will still carry their own images and take audiences through the lives of these people, be it Yu Jiaolong (in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Mo, Li or Hua (in Jasmine Women), Shang Qinqin (in Life is like a miracle), or Gong’er (in The Grandmaster). As an actor, to have had the chances to perform these roles, I have no regrets,” Zhang said.

Many Internet users praised Zhang’s photos, as they remind them of “scenes from Memoirs of a Geisha“, and that Zhang’s beauty was “not just her face, but her attitude.”

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