Jiang Yi Han 江伊涵 II


October was the last time we  updatet our highly popular Asian babe Phoebe Jiang Yi Han 江伊涵. Jiang Yi Han is a half-Chinese and half-Korean model, singer and actress, best known by her extremely sexy football-themed pictures and seductive lingerie shoots.

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Mu Qi Mi Ya 母其弥雅 – various pictures


Beautiful Chinese yoga instructor and model Mu Qi Mi Ya 母其弥雅 has finally released a few gorgeous photo shoots, which we’re glad to share with you in this article. We’ve also got some recent pictures of Mu Qi Mi Ya following the fashion shoot, with the girl performing yoga on various Chinese TV programmes across the country.

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Lin Ke Tong ( 林柯彤 )


MOKO girls are well known for their devilish body and pretty face. And there’s no doubt that Juliet Lin Ke Tong (林柯彤), also known as “Little Dragon Lady – Tong Tong” (小龙女彤彤) is under MOKO’s umbrella of famous female Asian models. A super hot babe from Wuhan, China, she is an actress, model and one of the hottest and most sought after property in China.

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