Jiang Yi Han 江伊涵 II


Jiang Yi Han ( 江伊涵 ), also known as Phoebe Jiang, is half Chinese and half Korean. Born and raised in an artistic family, Jiang Yi Han has starred in a few TV series and movies such as “My Bratty Princess” ( 刁蛮公主 ) and “Taste of Happiness” ( 幸福的味道 ). Jiang Yi Han is also acknowledged by the media and Jiang Yi Han’s fans as the most beautiful and sexiest football babe for the South African 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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Wang Qiu Zi 王秋紫 VII


Today we’ve got the latest photo shoot of hot Chinese model Wang Qiu Zi 王秋紫. She is the model behind these beautiful silluetes . Also known by her nickname Qi Qi, Wang Qiu Zi is a beautiful and popular Chinese model and actress from Xi’an.

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Winnie 温妮 VIII


Winnie 温妮 is back with a new set of photos . She is looking amazing so we want you to check them out . She is a rising and hot Chinese model with a quarter Russian descent that we are featuring on our chinese blog today . Enjoy .

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