Zhang Wan You 张婉悠 – update

It’s definitely been a while, but now Chinese babe Zhang Wan You 张婉悠 is back on our sirens website! We’re glad to share the latest pictures of Zhang Wan You 张婉悠with you today .

Born in Qingdao, Shandong Province, Zhang Wan You was said to be known for her roles in a few TV series at first. However, Zhang Wan You is best known for being involved in the infamous “Toilet Posing Gate” 厕所门 scandal due to a set of “ungraceful” photos with Yan Feng Jiao 闫凤娇, who was once a guest on the TV show “Fei Cheng Wu Rao” 非诚勿扰 (aka “If You’re the One”).

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Tu Tu 兔兔 Navy costume


In this hot photo shoot, Tu Tu wears two different navy outfits with a pair of black sexy boots. The darker navy costume is one of my favourite costumes this year, especially the short tight skirt. The outfit really suits Tu Tu, making her body look even hotter.

Tu Tu 兔兔 is also known as The Queen of Costumes . She has released a new and exciting set of photo shoot of her in a very sexy Leopard cat costume . You can enjoy the hot photos inside the post .

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Jin Mei Xin 金美辛 – car promotion


A new and interesting car promotion entitled “Love battle” 恋 – 战 was recently released, by Jin Mei Xin 金美辛 . There are 3 beautiful models in this promotional shoot  ,Chinese model Jin Mei Xin 金美辛, Chen Lu Qian 陈璐茜 and Wang Nan Nan 王楠楠 . In the story, the female kidnapper (Jin Mei Xin) can’t get Wang Nan Nan to love her, so she kidnaps her. Chen Lu Qian comes to her rescue since apparently Wang Nan Nan is her toy/slave.

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