Wang Qiu Jun

Wang Qiu Jun

Wang Qiu Jun was born in Hainan, she was from an early age growing up in the sun and the beach. Global Miss Bikini title more than a year earlier attended a Division of guests invited to the contest organizers and judges. Universal Miss Bikini mission to promote the beauty of fashion and healthy body.

Pinyin: Wang Qiujun
Foreign Name: JOYCE
Alias: Wang Jingning
Nationality: Chinese
Place of Birth: China’s Hainan
Date of Birth: August 30
Occupation: Model
Height: 172CM
Weight: 48KG
Measurements: 85cm, 58cm, 87cm christian online dating sites dating sites indianapolis wang-qiu-jun-06 wang-qiu-jun-07 wang-qiu-jun-08 wang-qiu-jun-09 wang-qiu-jun-10 wang-qiu-jun-11 wang-qiu-jun-12 wang-qiu-jun-13 wang-qiu-jun-14 wang-qiu-jun-15 wang-qiu-jun-16 wang-qiu-jun-17 wang-qiu-jun-18 wang-qiu-jun-20 wang-qiu-jun-21

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