Elissa Jia Yi 佳怡


One of the latest photo sets from Chinese babe Elissa Jia Yi 佳怡, who is formerly known as Lai Xiao Pei 赖小佩. In this mini studio shoot, Jia Yi is styled in a red and white striped bikini outfit, posing in a Dr. Slump Arale Chan cap hat with angel wings.

Lai_Xiao_Pei_181 Lai_Xiao_Pei_182 Lai_Xiao_Pei_183 Lai_Xiao_Pei_184 Lai_Xiao_Pei_185 Lai_Xiao_Pei_186 Lai_Xiao_Pei_187 Lai_Xiao_Pei_189 Lai_Xiao_Pei_190 Lai_Xiao_Pei_191 Lai_Xiao_Pei_193 Lai_Xiao_Pei_194 Lai_Xiao_Pei_196


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