Amber An 安心亞

Amber An (Chinese: 安心亞; pinyin: Ānxīn yà), born Liao Ching-ling(Chinese: 廖婧伶; pinyin: Liào jìng líng), is a Taiwanese model, singer and actress.

Amber An entered the showbiz in February 2009 through television program Celebrity Imitated Show: The Largest Political Party, in which she impersonates other celebrities, most prominently singer Yao Yao.She gained widespread fame in Taiwan after wearing just a C-string on the cover of Next Magazine in 2009—because of it, she became referred to as “Queen of C-string”.In 2011, An was voted the world’s sexiest woman in the Taiwanese version of magazine FHM. She started her singing career by releasing her first album on August,in which “the dancing music was created to guide the viewers to appreciate the charm of a sexy girl.”

Later that year, she signed a NT$1 million ($42,500) contract with Reebok to become its Taiwanese ambassador.Then she became part of a polemic when Next reported she was coerced by Reebok’s manager Tony Zhao to sprawl on the ground wearing only shoes.It eventually led to a virtual war between fans of An and Malaysian singer Fish Leong, who is Zhao’s wife, and Leong manager accused An of creating publicity.

After a year and half in the making, An released her second album in January 2013. As of 2014, she was a Taiwan Fund for Children and Families’s Child Protection Ambassador.Her third album was released in October 2014 after An wrote the lyrics in almost half a year. In it, she tried to focus more on “arts rhythm of the steps of a dance” in order to show a varied aspect of hers in terms of style of music and her appearance.

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