Sheng Xin Ran 盛馨冉

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Sheng Xin Ran 盛馨冉, aka Angel Sheng, is a hot and rising Chinese model, actress and Internet celebrity from Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province, North China. Born on June 29th, 1987 and currently based in Qingdao, Sheng Xin Ran graduated from Shandong University of Arts. Since 2006, Sheng Xin Ran has won several modelling competitions and been in many films and popular national magazines.

Sheng Xin Ran’s Profile:

Other Name(s): Sheng Xinran, Angel Sheng
Origin: Harbin, China
Born: June 29, 1987
Height: 165cm
Weight: 43kg
Measurements: 34-22-34
Blood Type: AB
Occupation: model, actress best city in florida for singles are people dating right now Sheng_Xin_Ran_47 Sheng_Xin_Ran_46 Sheng_Xin_Ran_45 Sheng_Xin_Ran_44 Sheng_Xin_Ran_42 Sheng_Xin_Ran_41 Sheng_Xin_Ran_43 Sheng_Xin_Ran_61 Sheng_Xin_Ran_60 Sheng_Xin_Ran_59 Sheng_Xin_Ran_58 Sheng_Xin_Ran_57 Sheng_Xin_Ran_56 Sheng_Xin_Ran_55 Sheng_Xin_Ran_54 Sheng_Xin_Ran_53 Sheng_Xin_Ran_52 Sheng_Xin_Ran_62 sheng-Xin-Ran-15 sheng-Xin-Ran-14 sheng-Xin-Ran-13 sheng-Xin-Ran-12 sheng-Xin-Ran-11 sheng-Xin-Ran-10 sheng-Xin-Ran-09 sheng-Xin-Ran-08 sheng-Xin-Ran-07 sheng-Xin-Ran-06 sheng-Xin-Ran-05 sheng-Xin-Ran-03 sheng-Xin-Ran-02 sheng-Xin-Ran-01 sheng-Xin-Ran-04

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