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Xie Meng 谢梦


Xie Meng 谢梦 is a young model from Beijing, China and works for a famous fashion magazine known as Xin Wei 昕薇. Xie Meng became popular after appearing in a Jiangsu TV programmed known as “Xing Fu Wan Dian Ming” 幸福晚点名. Graduated from the Communication University of China 中国传媒大学, Xie Meng is also a car show model. Xie Meng participated in the 2010 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition representing Aston Martin and eventually became the 2010 Beijing Auto Show champion.

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Yow YingChao 饶芸兆


Elby is student from Selangor. Elby is model for Parkamaya (New Asian Fashion District & Retail Concept Store). Currently, she is our Wiwihaha Ambassador. Elby had a outstanding make up technique, she knows how to work with the features of her face to create a stunning outcome. She has a make up tutorial video channel in our website – MISS UNEE 美丽频道.

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