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Ai Shang Zhen 艾尚真

Ai Shang Zhen is a model who tagged as the perfect figure female in the world at China. She has a slim well toned athletic body matched with heart melting eyes and elegant long black hair. She is runner-up in Miss Chinese International Pageant 2008.

Wei Wei Yu


Wei Wei was born and raised in Xi’an, the capital of Shaan Xi Province, an area she describes as steeped in rich cultural heritage. Wei Wei majored in Music at university and is an accomplished Piano player as well as an operatic singer. Her hobbies include painting and calligraphy, and she plays Taekwondo.

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Beeboo Xu Liangliang


Beeboo Xu Liangliang 徐靓靓 is a pretty and cute looking model from Guiyang, China. Other than TV and Internet commercials, Beeboo Xu Liangliang also played the voice of a character Little Red Riding Hood (小红帽) from a popular China online game known as Fantasy Westward Journey (梦幻西游).

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