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Zhu Hong (朱弘)


Zhu Hong (朱弘) is not only a showgirl but a pretty online gamer from Shanghai, China. Zhu Hong became popular ever since voted as the most beautiful showgirl during ChinaJoy (China’s biggest gaming expo) 2007. In ChinaJoy 2009, Zhu Hong became the spokesperson and played the role of a beautiful princess wrapped only in a coat of white fur for an online game known as 成吉思汗 (Genghis Khan). In the latest ChinaJoy 2010, Zhu Hong had an image change from her cosplay princess into an elegant looking lady. Unfortunately, she collapsed and fainted on the first day of ChinaJoy 2010 due to overworking and lack of rest preparing for the big day. Zhu Hong even had a guy requesting to take her out for a dinner date via an online video and willingly to pay her 300,000 RMB Yuan.

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Liu Shishi


Liu Shishi (born March 10, 1987 in Beijing, China), also known by her English name Cecilia Liu, is a Chinese actress and ballerina. Liu Shishi is currently contracted with CES. In May 2012, she was nominated for, and won the “Magnolia Award” (白玉蘭獎) for the most popular actress for her role in Chinese time-travel drama Scarlet Heart. Liu Shishi acknowledged now-husband Nicky Wu on 13 November 2013 after the pair met on set in Scarlet Heart in 2011. Liu Shishi is now married to Taiwanese actor, Nicky Wu on 20 January 2015 when Nicky uploaded a picture of their two red marriage certificates and two wedding rings onWeibo.

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Xu Jia Yi 徐嘉依


Xu Jia Yi 徐嘉依,is a 21-year-old Chinese model and Internet celebrity from Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province. Xu Jia Yi was born on December 15th, 1989 and has lived in Europe for nearly ten years. Having studied in the London School of Commerce and The Hague University, Xu Jia Yi has posed for numerous fashion magazines and represented a number of cosmetic products, Chinese games, as well as many other commercial brands.

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Li Yuan Jing 李媛静


Li Yuan Jing 李媛静 is a hot air hostess from Beijing, China. Born on July 15, 1991, Yuan Jing models for the website Moko and has been on the Jiangsu TV programme Xing Fu Wan Dian Ming 幸福晚点名. With a series of hot and provocative photo shoots, Yuan Jing has been given the title “Sexiest Air Hostess” in China.

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