Beijing Motor Show Girls


Cars and chicks mix well when u make a showcase in Asian ,  especially at a motor show. And Beijing’s motor show is slowly becoming our favourite car show  because of the beautiful and young female models that stand next to concepts  cars . Enjoy !

Auto_China_2012_Models_01 Auto_China_2012_Models_32_1_ Auto_China_2012_Models_102 Auto_China_2012_Models_132 Auto_China_2012_Models_162 Auto_China_2012_Models_172 Auto_China_2012_Models_182 Auto_China_2012_Models_222 Auto_China_2012_Models_232 Auto_China_2012_Models_242 Auto_China_2012_Models_252 Auto_China_2012_Models_262 Auto_China_2012_Models_292 Auto_China_2012_Models_302 Auto_China_2012_Models_312 Auto_China_2012_Models_342

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