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Lin Cai Ti 林采緹


Sunny Lin Cai Ti 林采緹 is a famous cosplayer from Macau, she migrated to Taiwan with her parents when she was 13 years old. Sunny became popular after she cosplayed as the Boa Hancock, a Snake Princess from the top Japanese Anime “One Piece” in Animation Comic Game Hong Kong 2011 (ACGHK 2011).

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Amanda Hua Jia 画嘉


Amanda Hua Jia (画嘉) is a Chinese beauty who seduces with tiny, but hot body which likes to show. Previously she filmed sweet editorials in the style of teenagers, but recently Amanda has grown up and likes to show her feminine attributes in the photos. Although she has only 40 pounds, diminutive Chinese burns and burns her sex appeal and has already gained many fans in China, but also in the West. Jia has more going on than just big puppy dog eyes with colored contact lenses though.

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Yang Qian Yu (杨千钰)


Moko Yang (Yang Qian Yu) is a chairwoman of YANG QIAN YU TRADE CO.,LTD(杨千钰贸易有限公司). Besides that, she also is an owner of ANDCICI trademark, a famous model, and actress. She is well known for her cute face and perfect body shape. She had participated in a lot of TV commercial shots, magazine shots, variety shows, and she is a star that always attracted media attention in China.

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Wang Hui Xin 王蕙心


Wang Hui Xin 王蕙心 is a 22-year-old hot model and student from Guangzhou, China. Wang Hui Xin is better known by her nickname Xiao Xin 小訫 and she has been the spokesperson for many different companies including Chinese games and electronic products. Since 2009, Wang Hui Xin’s popularity has increased for being a football babe and an expo showgirl for the 2010 ChinaJoy event.

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