Cherry Chi Xue 赤雪 II


Born on May 22nd, 1988, Cherry Chi Xue 赤雪 is a pretty and popular Asian model, singer and Internet celebrity from Suzhou, southeast of Jiangsu Province, East China. For today’s daily idols, we’ve got quite a few different photo shoots of Chi Xue to share with you.

Name: Cherry Chi Xue (赤雪)
Date of Birth: May 22, 1988
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Measurement: 33 24 34 younger men dating older women Chi_Xue_Barbie_013 Chi_Xue_Barbie_014 Chi_Xue_Barbie_015 Chi_Xue_Barbie_016 Chi_Xue_Barbie_017 Chi_Xue_Barbie_018 Chi_Xue_Barbie_019 Chi_Xue_Barbie_020 ChiXue333 ChiXue334 ChiXue335 ChiXue336 ChiXue337 ChiXue338 ChiXue339 ChiXue340 CXue1 CXue2 CXue3 CXue5 CXue6 CXue7 CXue8 CXue9 CXue10 CXue11 CXue12

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