Toro Yu Zhu 羽住


Toro Yu Zhu 羽住 is a beautiful and cute Asian model and Internet celebrity from Changsha, capital of Hunan Province, South Central China. Little is known about the model except that her height is 158cm.

Toro Yu Zhu’s Profile:

Origin: Changsha, China
Height: 158cm
Occupation: model

Toro_Yu_Zhu_310714_010 Toro_Yu_Zhu_310714_012 Toro_Yu_Zhu_310714_013 Toro_Yu_Zhu_310714_014 Toro_Yu_Zhu_310714_015 Toro_Yu_Zhu_310714_026 Toro_Yu_Zhu_310714_027 Toro_Yu_Zhu_310714_028 Toro_Yu_Zhu_310714_033 Toro_Yu_Zhu_310714_040

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