China is just steps away from a nuclear deal with Iran

While the deadline for the deal was originally set for June 30th, it is likely that the leaders will not come to any conclusions since there remains much work to be done, but some estimates put a deal at close to a week away.

The deal could include “rights” to develop their nuclear technology, of which China could potentially partner on.  The deal is long-standing with many nations, including Germany, and others, who discussed options earlier in the year in Lausanne, Switzerland.   This will continue to be a hot topic, but likely not as hot as the Chinese women we cover, but stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks.  Perhaps if China sent some of their models to the negotiation table business would get discussed more quickly?

Brazil and Cuba are also on the top of China’s partnering list for economic development, with a potential biotechnology agreement in the works with Cuba, and an increased fast-track for development with Brazil to boost relations, China is making its presence known as both a producer of some of the finest women in the world, as well as good diplomacy.

Li Keqiang is also on a mission to Brussels to represent China at the European Summit, where Greece’s refusal of the Bailout plan will be a hot topic, as well as other matters on the table.

The Dalai Lama has also returned to the Speaker’s Circuit and will be joining a host of international celebs at Glastonbury:

Screen shot 2015-06-28 at 9.03.45 PM


In Fashion, Rihanna continues to explore her brand:

Screen shot 2015-06-28 at 9.09.20 PM

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