JIA Qing 贾青


JIA Qing 贾青  took a new  stylish photoshoot that she wants to share with us today .

JIA Qing 贾青 is a young actress, graduated from art school and Xie Xian Television Arts Academy,  won the 2005 “Lycra I type my Show” six strong national idol singer and “Lycra Cool Performance Award.”
Has appeared in “passionate woman infatuated men,” “Eight Immortals Biography” and other television series.

Chinese name: Jia Qing       English Name: Ting Anne
Alias: green blue children       Gender: Female
Date of birth: november 2 1986       Nationality: Chinese
Birthplace: Xi’an       Birthplace: Xi’an
Nationality: Chinese
School: School of Art in Xi’an, Shanghai Xie Jin Film and Television Art College
Height: 171 cm       Weight: 48kg

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