Zhao Yihuan


Zhao Yihuan 赵奕欢 is a sweet pretty looking actress from Jilin, China and graduated from the Shanghai Normal University Xiejin Film Arts (上海师范大学谢晋影视艺术学院). Ever since graduated in 2011, Zhao Yihuan was quickly signed and scouted for advertisements such as Coca-Cola, Dairy Queen, Mengniu (蒙牛). Zhao Yihuan also acted in several highly notable movies and dramas; such as,

青春期 (Pubescence) – a story about Zhao Yihuan as a problematic and growing up teenage girl who are used to smoking, drinking, clubbing, fighting and teasing guys until she became close with a boy classmate who changes her life (nice movie, watch it below!), and the China’s version of the popular sitcom Big Bang Theory known as the 新生活大爆炸 (The New Big Bang) – here we have The Big Bang Theory Made in China, in which Sheldon made in China, Leonard made in China and Penny (Zhao Yihuan) made in China, making their first debut reciting their lines in a very strange way as no one in China would actually do. You can view the episode 1 of the drama below. It was kinda weird and this production was actually co-produced by the Beijing Aerospace (China’s NASA).

Name: Zhao Yihuan 赵奕欢
Date of Birth: Oct 29, 1987
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 42 kg

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