Frieda Hu Yun Er

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Frieda Hu Yun Er 胡允儿 is a well-known model and online spokesperson from Shanghai, China. Apart from appearing in TV ads and magazine covers, Frieda also won the Meng Long Xin Girl Competition 梦龙心女郎大赛 and the Mina Star 期之星 in 2008.

Name: Frieda Hu Yun Er 胡允儿
Date of Birth: Sept 5, 1988
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Measurements: 35 25 35 best date nights frieda_hu-020_2 frieda_hu-023_2 frieda_hu-037_2 frieda_hu-048_2 frieda_hu-053_2 frieda_hu-055_2 frieda_hu-057_2 frieda_hu-058_2 frieda_hu-060_2 frieda_hu-071_2 frieda_hu-076_2 frieda_hu-077_2 frieda_hu-078_2 frieda_hu-079_2 frieda_hu-080_2 frieda_hu-081_2 frieda_hu-082_2 frieda_hu-101_2 frieda_hu-102_2 frieda_hu-105_2 frieda_hu-115_2 frieda_hu-116_2 frieda_hu-118_2 frieda_hu-119_2

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