Yu Nan

Yu Nan

Yu Nan ( born September 5, 1978) is a Chinese actress. Born in Dalian, Yu Nan studied at the Beijing Film Academy, where she graduated in 1999.
Her feature film debut, in Lunar Eclipse (1999), which earned her the Best Actress of the Deauville Asian Film Festival,started her career working with several of China’s Sixth-Generation film directors. She subsequently starred in three more films with Wang Quan’an: Jingzhe (2003), which earned her the Best Actress Golden Rooster Award and the Best Actress prize of the Paris International Film Festival in 2003;Tuya’s Marriage, Golden Bear in 2007 at the Berlin International Film Festival for which she won the Best Actress prize from the Chicago International Film Festival[citation needed]; and Weaving Girl (2009), which won Jury Special Grand prix and the FIPRESCI prize from the 2009 Montreal World Film Festival.

Yu Nan has also worked with other major Chinese directors, including Wang Xiaoshuai in In Love We Trust (2008), which won the Best Screenplay Silver Bear in Berlin 2008, and Ning Hao, in his Chinese Western film, No Man’s Land (2010).
International roles

Helped in part by her fluency in Mandarin, French, and English,Yu Nan has played in several international productions, including the French film Fureur (2003), the Taiwanese film My DNA Says I Love You (2008), the Canadian-Chinese film, Diamond Dogs (2007), and the Hollywood films, Speed Racer (2008), from the Wachowskis, and The Expendables 2 (2012).lviv dating agency http://chinese-sirens.com/best-bios-for-dating-apps/ yu-nan-03 yu-nan-04 yu-nan-05 yu-nan-07 yu-nan-08 yu-nan-09 yu-nan-10 yu-nan-11 yu-nan-12 yu-nan-13 yu-nan-14 yu-nan-15 Chinese actress Nan Yu poses during a ph yu-nan-17 yu-nan-18


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