Kelly Lin


Lin’s latest film is Wai Ka Fai’s “Written By”, co-starring alongside award-winning actor Sean Lau once again. The film opened the 2009 New York Asian Film Festival last June, and released in Hong Kong on July 10, 2009. Taking a break from her numerous serious art films, Kelly stars alongside Mainland’s comedy King Ge You, in a dark comedy film called “Gasp”, which also stars Hollywood actor John Savage, released in Mainland cinemas in August 2009; Dirt Rich In Shanghai is set to be released also in October 2009. In this romantic comedy film, her screen partner will be versatile Mainland actor Sun Honglei, and the film is produced by John Woo, Michelle Yeoh and Terence Chang and under the direction of Taipei-based film maker Peter Lee.

After making two comedy movies in a row, Kelly Lin appeared in the Wuxia movie Reign of Assassins with Michelle Yeoh and acclaimed Korean actor Jung Woo Sung. Production began in 2009 with release in 2010.

English name: Kelly Lin
Birthdate: October 29, 1975
Current age in 2012: 37 years old ,Republic of China
Other name(s):     Lam Hei-Lui ,Lin Xilei ,Kelly Lam
Occupation:     Actress and model

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