Lin Cai Ti 林采緹

Sunny Lin Cai Ti 林采緹 is a famous cosplayer from Macau, she migrated to Taiwan with her parents when she was 13 years old. Sunny became popular after she cosplayed as the Boa Hancock, a Snake Princess from the top Japanese Anime “One Piece” in Animation Comic Game Hong Kong 2011 (ACGHK 2011).


Name : Sunny Lin Cai Ti 林采緹

Date of Birth : 20 July 1990

Height : 169cm

Weight : 46kg

Body: 33D / 23 / 35 lin-cai-ti-04 lin-cai-ti-05 lin-cai-ti-06 lin-cai-ti-07 lin-cai-ti-08 lin-cai-ti-09 lin-cai-ti-10 lin-cai-ti-11 lin-cai-ti-12 lin-cai-ti-13 lin-cai-ti-14 lin-cai-ti-15 lin-cai-ti-16 lin-cai-ti-18;

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