Han Zhuo Er 韩卓尔 and Cynthia Gang Xiao Xi 刚小希


A mini shoot from two gorgeous Chinese models: Han Zhuo Er 韩卓尔 and Cynthia Gang Xiao Xi 刚小希. Both models have their unique assets: Han Zhuo Er’s fabulous short hair and boldness style; Gang Xiao Xi’s foxy looks and unique attractiveness.

600full-cynthia-gang-xiao-xi 600full-cynthia-gang-xiao-xi__1_ 600full-cynthia-gang-xiao-xi__2_ 600full-cynthia-gang-xiao-xi__3_ 600full-cynthia-gang-xiao-xi__4_ Han_Zhuo_Er_109 Han_Zhuo_Er_110 Han_Zhuo_Er_111 Han_Zhuo_Er_112 Han_Zhuo_Er_113



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