Seoul Auto Salon 2016

hanserin-seoul-auto-salon-5 (1)

The only and largest aftermarket focused exhibition in Korea that is representative and leading tuning industry. Seoul Auto Salon supports the desire of all tuning people as a big event in Korea and provides a business opportunity and communication channel by inviting buyers and lots of visitors. It would be good to experience a new item at Seoul Auto Salon which is always seeking a new opportunity.

Popular Korean race queen Choi Seul Gi 최슬기 has also attended the 2016 Seoul Auto Salon event and we have some  snapshots of the model posing in a couple of different outfits for the event.2 Han Ga Eun - 2015 Seoul Auto Salon - very cute asian 3 Han Ga Eun - 2015 Seoul Auto Salon - very cute asian ourtime dating service 7d849344d66c6fb4afafd19c9fa680b2744623fe 47c9cb81f47ee299e79b484153d6e27c25d79429 877a81e81cef38c0aa0ad40e52ebdc034e3d1b80 3014f931058bb2245b43086657ed14121cb85fc7 64422_kn 27578190214_6a18aaa45f_b 27922637400_ae0dabab60_b 27935187500_a3b9754198 28125708771_d9a5a6b48b 28179019056_acca665952_b c5daca16e243af5ece6c2ed1877a02b9b348416d c87aa2b531d5426443b0438333dde76072c47847 d810c5d7bd368f1a7900ece1561262a94b4fff75 ebea2a309f2c2193054597186b8aec962650f651 eunhayoung-seoul-auto-salon-1 hanminyoung-seoul-auto-salon-1 hanminyoung-seoul-auto-salon-2 hanminyoung-seoul-auto-salon-3 hanminyoung-seoul-auto-salon-4 hanserin-seoul-auto-salon-1 hanserin-seoul-auto-salon-3 hanserin-seoul-auto-salon-5 (1) hanserin-seoul-auto-salon-5 hanserin-seoul-auto-salon-5__1_ hanserin-seoul-auto-salon-6 img_3382_4c1ea0d3 jungjoomi-super-race-1 kimyeha-seoul-auto-salon-1 kimyeha-seoul-auto-salon-4 Lee Eun Hye 1 Lee_Eun_Hye_1 Lovely Korean model Shin Hae Rim at Seoul Auto Salon 2013 4

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