Zhang Meng


Zhang Meng (December 29, 1988 -), Chinese actress, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy. [2] showbiz since 2006, has starred in Baguio caused concern in the online game “Zhu Xian Online” propaganda MV, later starred in many TV shows, such as “summer home three gold”, “cows in summer “,” horizon moon knife “and so on.

Zhang Meng appeared in the 2009 release of “Kung Fu” and then starred in “summer home three gold” Yang Barbara familiar to viewers, followed by successively appeared in “cows in the summer”, “horizon moon knife” “Beauty without tears.” etc. play [3]; Zhang Meng studio founded in 2012 [3]. 2013 announced to join the Chinese policy [3].


Blood Type: A
Height: 166cm
Weight: 44kg
Original name Lemon
English name Lemon
Nationality China China Ethnic Han
Hometown China Zhengzhou City, Henan China
Born December 29, 1988 (25 years old)
Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
Professional actress, model
Language Chinese, English

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