Xin Zhi Lei 辛芷蕾写真


Xinzhi Lei, Heilongjiang, graduated from the Central Academy of series. Just emerging on the filming of many well-known advertising, acted in “Ugly Wudi”, “Painted Skin”, “woman to help,” “I Just Love You” and other TV series, the first “shock” will be featuring the women in the film “Yangtze map” protagonists, 2012 in thriller movie “sly love” again starred in the female lead, “Xiao Xiaoya” corner, and sang the film’s theme song, performance is quite good, the audience left a deep impression. 2013, starred in the director’s work Bingji terror “pen fairy Ⅱ”, about seven university students in a “pen immortal” ghost game posterity Different Ways
Height: 168cm
Birth Date: 1980-03-15

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