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Seen an Chinese girl you’d like us to feature, but don’t want to post her yourself? First of all, make sure we haven’t featured her already by searching our site. If we haven’t, post as much info about her as you can in the comment form below—the more info you can post, the easier it will be for us to feature your request sooner.

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      1. Thanks! You guys are the best! I really like your content. Please have happy holiday!

        Для фонологического строя русского языка характерны разветвлённая !

  1. Hi I am from china looking for wife or companion. Can i purchase these women or maybe buy some time. I am willing to spend lot of money I have saved up.

    1. Hello:

      You ignore me last time. Thanks to magic of compound interest, I have even more money now! I would like to buy two women.

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