Angelababy 杨颖


Angela Yeung (born 28 February 1989 in Shanghai), better known by her stage name Angelababy, is a Chinese model, actress, and singer based in Hong Kong. Her stage name came from the combination of herEnglish name “Angela” and her nickname “Baby”.

Angela was born in Shanghai on 28 February 1989, but grew up in Hong Kong. She is one-quarter German from her grandfather.[She moved to Hong Kong with her family when she was 13.[2] Her birth name is “Yang Ying” (Cantonese: Yeung Wing). She is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Although her English name is “Angela”, she was sometimes called “baby” during her primary and secondary school years. When she started modelling, she combined these two names to Angelababy.She graduated from Notre Dame College in Hong Kong.

She was first signed as a model by Style International Management when she was 14 years old.She starred in the Japanese web drama Tweet Love Story in July 2010. The basis of the drama is audience participation via Twitter; selected viewer tweets with the hash tag #tweetlovestory would complete missing lines spoken by Yeung.

On 7 September 2010, Yeung refuted allegations that she has undergone plastic surgery on her face, claiming that she had visited a cosmetic surgeon to officially verify the fact.

In May 2012, she signed a contract with Avex Group for activities in Japan.She has since been studying Japanese.

In 2014, she became a commercial film model of Hotel Shilla’s Duty Free Shop which is an affiliated company of Samsung Group in Seoul, South Korea.

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