Xiong Dailin 熊 黛林


Xiong Dailin (熊 黛林, born 10 October 1980), better known as Lynn Hung, is a Hong Kong-based fashion model originally from mainland China,who has also been an actress.

Born in Nanjing, of People’s Republic of China,Hung moved her base of modeling activities to Hong Kong in 2006 and began working there mainly in the runway scene, becoming known as a top model, and beginning her acting career in 2008.

She became well known as the girl friend of Aaron Kwok, a singer known as one of Hong Kong’s “Four Heavenly Kings”. She has also particularly been known for her beautifully-shaped breasts in Hong Kong’s modeling scene.

Hong Kong press reported in 2009 that she was the #4 highest-paid model in Greater China, next to Hong Kong’s Gaile Lai (#3), Chinese Jennifer Du (#2), and Taiwanese Lin Chi-ling (#1).

Hung was born in Nanjing, China with family roots in Guizhou, China. She later studied costume design and performing arts at Soochow University.

In 2012 Aaron Kwok was planning his engagement to Lynn, but her father was suffering from liver cancer, so it was postponed indefinitely. He passed away in January 2013.

In 1999, Hung developed her career in Shanghai and became the second runner-up in the “China National Model Competition”. In 2002 she received the “Best Fashion Model” and the “China Top Ten Models” awards.

In recent years, Hung went to Hong Kong and started her acting career in the award-winning film Ip Man starring alongside Donnie Yen. She later appeared in films such as All’s Well, Ends Well 2010 and Ip Man 2.

She has also acted in Material Queen alongside Vanness Wu in 2011. Hung had been in a serious relationship with Aaron Kwok since 2006.

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