Yu Wenxia


Yu Wenxia ( born 6 August 1989) is a Chinese beauty queen. She won Miss World 2012 in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia.This is the second time Miss China has been awarded the title. The last time was in 2007 when Zhang Zilin took the honour.

Born on 6 August 1989 in Shangzhi, Heilongjiang in northeast China, Yu dreamed of becoming a famous singer as a child. She has always possessed the spirit of a winner, she describes as one of her proudest moments the day she finished 4th place in a race against 180 other children in the third grade.

As a child she enjoyed classes in music and nature. She has always loved music and singing and started singing classes at the age of 8. In fact when visitors would come over for dinner, they were often entertained by her singing as her parents would encourage her to give a singing performance for their guests. She went on to complete a four-year university course in Chinese Folk Music at Harbin University, and would often entertain her friends with her powerful and impressive voice. She describes her parents as very good people. When she was born, her parents were both farmers and she says that they were very keen for her and her sister to attend a good school and receive a good education, so the family moved home when Wenxia was just 5 years old.

She is very close to her sister who is two years older. They’ve always got on very well because when her parents used to go out to work, she was well looked after by her sister who would take her everywhere she went, as a result they share many of the same friends. Her favourite foods are steamed dumplings and she absolutely loves spicy noodles. In her spare time, she enjoys going shopping with friends and eating out.

When asked how she felt at winning the Miss World crown, she replied, “Surprised and very happy. Winning Miss World is a big responsibility; there is so much to learn. I really admire Zhang Zilin, my country’s first Miss World winner, I hope to follow her example, but at the same time make my own mark. I very much look forward to working with the Miss World Organisation sharing my compassion and love and helping to improve the lives of many people throughout my year of reign.

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