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Zhai Ling


Zhai Ling (翟凌), or commonly known by her nickname as Shou Shou (兽兽), is one of the China’s “Number One Car Show Model” with a fresh demeanor and devilish body. Born in Jinan, Shou Shou first entered the modelling industry in 2006 and made herself known in the Liaoning Fashion Week. Now as a model for the Beijing New Silk Road Modelling Company, Shou Shou has captured many people’s attention owing to her attractive appearance and tall slender figure.

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Wang Xin Yi


Wang Xin Yi (王馨漪) is a pretty model and actress from Beijing, China. Wang Xin Yi has posed for a number of magazines (昕薇MOOK, Taobao, Pink Lady《粉红佳人杂志》, etc.), featured in several major advertisements (China Mobile M-Zone, Nissan Motors, etc.) and appeared in some local TV programs (腾讯网《时尚世界杯》, 湖南卫视《我是大美人》, 江苏卫视《天才会美丽》, etc.).

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Tinna Zhao Yichen


Tinna Zhao Yichen 赵已晨 is a cute Chinese model from Chongqing, China graduated from Sichuan University with International Studies. Tinna won the Most Popular Award in the “Chongqing Bikini Q Baby Finals” competition (重庆Q宝贝比基尼最佳人气奖) and became the monthly champion of “Ray Li Star” (瑞丽之星月冠军) – Ray Li (瑞丽) is a popular Chinese fashion magazine in China catering to affluent urban women in their 20s and 30s. Tinna also recently appeared in “Singing & Dancing” (越跳越美丽), a weekly variety show from Zhejiang TV .

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Mavis Pan Shuangshuang


Mavis Pan Shuangshuang 潘霜霜 is a young and hot Chinese model and actress from Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. Shuang Shuang is also nicknamed as the “Little Shu Qi 舒淇 from Taizhou” due to her full pouty lips and sexy body. In fact, I personally find her prettier than Shu Qi. Seductive lips, bewitching eyes, big boobs, slender waist and pretty legs, Shuang Shuang has got them all.

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Leni Lan Yan


Leni Lan Yan 藍燕, also known as the “Little Cecelia Cheung” (小张柏芝) is a Shanghai born actress with a little trace of Russian (ЛаньЯнь) in her roots. Graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy, Leni is a good actress fluent in many languages and acted in many dramas and movies including the popular Russian blockbuster, Butterfly Kiss (蝴蝶之吻). After her debut hype, Leni revealed her hidden sexual affair with a famous Hong Kong director, Stanley Tong Kwai (唐季禮) in August 2010. Leni described Stanley’s sexual preferences and their bedroom antics to a tabloid magazine. She also claimed that popular Taiwanese singer Jay Chou (周杰倫) called her twice on the phone and “felt” that he was interested in her.

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Liu Yuqi


Liu Yuqi (刘羽琦) or also known as Izumi, earned her title of “Small Heavenly Queen of Adverts” after appearing in a series of real estate and beverage magazine adverts. In 2006, she won the National Football Babe Competition, now she’s popularly known as the “Most Beautiful Chinese Woman on the Web” after showing off her assets on various entertainment websites.

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Huang Yilin


Huang Yilin (黄一琳), is the new generation of young models from China. Yilin is one of the exclusive model for a China fashion magazine, “Xin Wei” (昕薇), together along with other big names like Lena Fujii. Having graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, Yilin also appears in several variety shows and music videos such as 后弦《娃娃脸》MV女主角 and 徐誉滕《Lilei&Hanmeimei》. Surprisingly, she can sing too, with her first EP single known as “Love Under The Stars” (星空下的爱).

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Emi Suzuki


Emi Suzuki (鈴木 えみ) or better known by her nickname Emichee (えみちぃ), is a popular Japanese fashion model and occasional actress. Born in Shanghai, China, she was originally named Wu Ziliang (吴子良). She emigrated to Kyoto at the age of 12, becoming a naturalized Japanese citizen.

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Cica Zhou Wei Tong


Cica Zhou Wei Tong (周伟童) is one of the top models born in Guizhou province in China. Cica was an athelete before becoming a model and in 2000, she won the 6th Annual National Modeling contest and was rated China’s top 10 professional models in 2001. In 2003, Cica began to join the mainstream entertainment industry and gotten herself as a lead actress in the TV series “夏日里的春天” in 2003. From that point onwards, Cica became well known in the industry and eventually appeared in several other TV dramas and movies. In the mainland, Cica is also known as the Little Lin Chiling (林志玲), the Taiwanese super model, TV host and actress. Interestingly, in 2009, Cica acted in the film “绝战刹马镇” alongside with Lin Chiling.

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Betty Zhou


Betty Zhou (周玲安) is a professional actress from China after having graduated from the XieJin Film & Art College of Shanghai Normal University. Apart from acting, she does modeling performing, TVC ads, singing and dancing for a living. Currently, she’s based in Singapore doing modeling, TV shows, Mediacorp dramas and singing.

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