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Zhou Xiaohan


Zhou Xiaohan , also known as  Mayumi is a model and singer from Chongqing who is currently based in Beijing, China. This breathtaking tanned beauty sizzled for the camera as she posed in a collection of swimsuits and bikinis photo shoots. Zhou Xiaohan proved to be the perfect choice as she smoldered for the cameras with her long tanned legs and slender toned frame setting off the collection beautifully.

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Xiong Naijin

Xiong Naijin  or also known as the “Little Fan Bingbing”, is an actress graduated from the Beijing Film Academy. Xiong Naijin’s beautiful face and graceful figure was gradually known to everyone after starring in several hit drama series like The Last Price and Han Emperor 3 . However, there were rumors that she too had plastic surgery, let’s see how she looked like before transforming into the “Little Fan Bingbing”.

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Vanessa Wang Manni


Vanessa Wang Manni  is a model, actress, dancer and online game spokesperson from Beijing, China. In 2007, Wang Manni was admitted to the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy to learn modern ballet. With an angelic, delicate face and hot body, Wang Manni has starred in many movies and TV series.

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Monna Lam

Monna Lam is a Chinese mixed Germany model from Hong Kong but born in Hubei Wuhan. In 2007, Monna was the runner up for the 41st Miss Exhibition Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo . Right after, Monna began her modeling career and slowly raised to stardom. Also known as the “Mixed E-cup Goddess”, Monna had her chance in the acting role in 2011 The 33D Invader, a Hong Kong CAT-3 movie, alongside with Japanese actress Akiho Yoshizawa.

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Zhao Yihuan


Zhao Yihuan 赵奕欢 is a sweet pretty looking actress from Jilin, China and graduated from the Shanghai Normal University Xiejin Film Arts (上海师范大学谢晋影视艺术学院). Ever since graduated in 2011, Zhao Yihuan was quickly signed and scouted for advertisements such as Coca-Cola, Dairy Queen, Mengniu (蒙牛). Zhao Yihuan also acted in several highly notable movies and dramas; such as,

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