Daily Archives: February 6, 2014

Huang Fu Lin 黄馥琳


Huang Fu Lin a rising model and Internet celebrity from Yueyang, Hunan Province in China. The only reason Huang Fu Lin had become a model was partly thankful to her ex-boyfriend who tends to compare her with models from magazine covers by complementing on their sexy bodies and good poses. Hence, she took her modeling gig on the road to Beijing and eventually ended up as a cover girl model. Huang Fu Lin has also worked as a show girl and spokesperson for magazines and websites.

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Han Zhuo Er 韩卓尔


Han Zhuo Er is a new model from Beijing, China who is becoming popular fast despite having a short debut time. With a short hair and that sexy body, Han Zhuo Er has given us a refreshing look from the usual Chinese models. Used to be in long hair, Han Zhuo Er started to chop off her hair short ever since she gotten dump by the love of her life. When asked if she would change her style as she is often seen modeling in sexy wears, Han Zhuo Er answered, “The modeling scene in China is too competitive. We will never break through if we are too conservative. Furthermore, I’m blessed with a good body.”

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Zhu Songhua


Zhu Songhua 朱松花 or also known as Yuhua 雨花 became famous online with Netizens wildly spreading her graceful bodied, delicate faced, sweet smiled, fashionably and sexily dressed pictures but most surprised by her identity – Zhu Songhua is an elementary school teacher teaching Chinese language in the First Primary School of Jiangsu Nantong (江苏南通师范第一附属小学).

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