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Wei Wei Yu


Wei Wei was born and raised in Xi’an, the capital of Shaan Xi Province, an area she describes as steeped in rich cultural heritage. Wei Wei majored in Music at university and is an accomplished Piano player as well as an operatic singer. Her hobbies include painting and calligraphy, and she plays Taekwondo.

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Lin Ke Tong ( 林柯彤 )


MOKO girls are well known for their devilish body and pretty face. And there’s no doubt that Juliet Lin Ke Tong (林柯彤), also known as “Little Dragon Lady – Tong Tong” (小龙女彤彤) is under MOKO’s umbrella of famous female Asian models. A super hot babe from Wuhan, China, she is an actress, model and one of the hottest and most sought after property in China.

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Gu Li Na Zha 古力娜扎 – various photos


Gu Li Na Zha 古力娜扎, also known by her English name Meina, is a 18-year-old beautiful and popular Asian model, dancer-actress and Internet celebrity from Ürümqi, capital of Xinjiang, China. Born on May 2nd, 1992, Gu Li Na Zha started modelling at the age of 16. Netizens often compare Gu Li Na Zha with famous Chinese actress Ning Jing 宁静 due to their resemblance.

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