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Shi Liu Yi 施柳屹


Shi Liu Yi 施柳屹, also known as Vivian Shi, is a rising Chinese model and actress who is currently based in Beijing. Born on September 26th, 1986, Liu Yi has not only posed for quite a few magazines and brands, she has also acted in the movie “Curse of the Deserted” (aka Huang Cun Gong Yu) which was released in August this year and a few TV series.

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Zhang Shi Qi 张诗淇


Zhang Shi Qi 张诗淇 is a pretty and sexy Chinese model and dancer from Jingzhou, Hubei Province, South Central China. Zhang Shi Qi is also known as Lucky Zhang and she is a friend of Sun Xin Ya’s. Other than that, little is known about the model.

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Fei Fei Sun (孙)


Fei Fei is one of the most successful Chinese models to venture onto the International Scene, and has been one of the most influential models in hair design inspiration.  After taking Fashion Design in College, she soon got scouted in a model contest, and made it to the International Scene.Fei Fei is known for her eccentric hairstyles, which she can shape into lark Eqyptian-style balls, as well as curl and twist into futuristic styles.  Beyond her amazing hairstyle talents, she is also an expert with makeup and has a very prominent Chinese gaze that commands attention.

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Guo Yun Meng 郭芸萌


Guo Yun Meng 郭芸萌 is a stunning and sexy Asian model, actress and Internet beauty from Shanghai, China. Guo Yun Meng was born on February 2nd, 1991 and is currently based in Beijing. Just like many other Asian models, Guo Yun Meng has taken a lot of cute photos of herself. Apart from that, little is known about the new model.

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