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Huan Miao Miao 桓淼淼 III


We’ll continue to share with you just a few more mini sets of Chinese hottie Huan Miao Miao 桓淼淼 taken by famous Chinese photographer Nemon.

Huan Miao Miao 桓 淼淼 is a young and sexy new model from Shanghai, China. Huan Miao Miao was born on October 26th, 1993. Huan Miao Miao became active in the modelling world since the beginning of 2014, when several semi-nude photo shoots of the girl began circulating on the Internet.

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Elissa Lai Xiao Pei


We’re finally updating on chinese cutie Elissa Jia Yi 佳怡 . If you’ve been waiting for a Elissa Jia Yi 佳怡 update, check out this post to view more pictures. Jia Yi is styled in a sexy black mini dress and black high heels .

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